My research interest lies in different fields of theoretical computer science. In particular I'm interested in:

- Automata and formal language theory
- Design and analysis of algorithms
- Algorithms on words
- Theory of variable length codes
- Enumerative and analytic combinatorics
- Lossless Data Compression

In my research activity I have mainly studied properties of regular languages and codes, in the worst and average case, using their representation through automata and transducers. I have also dealt with lossless data compression theory by dictionaries with a graph-theoretical approach.

In my Ph.D. thesis I introduced and studied some automata-theoretic tools for studying problems in algebraic matters, in particular free monoids and free groups. During my post-doctorate studies in Italy and in France my research interest was focused into the following research areas:

-Regular languages and their combinatorial representation by automata and regular expressions : algorithms analysis in the worst and average case
-Text algorithms : average analysis on border tables and on abelian periods
-Methods of codings allowing bilateral decoding of messages and their representation by transducers
- Linear algorithms of optimal parsing based on compression by dictionaries within a graph approach